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Ensuring that children are ready for successful school experiences is one of the most pressing issues in early childhood policy and practice. `NAEYC

One of the top questions that parents ask me is: “Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?” And I simply reply, Yes!

In fact, I can honestly reply with a confident YES, because in my preschool program we are always focusing on meeting the developmental needs of each child and taking the necessary steps to prepare children for school readiness.

If you are worried that your program may not be preparing the children in your program for school readiness, I suggest that you contact your local school district and review their kindergarten requirements.Also, check out this article on School Readiness by NAEYC, Click here

However, it is more important, to be sure that the children in your care are provided with developmentally appropriate experiences, because this is a step to assuring that the children in your program are be prepared for school success!

Furthermore, now when parents ask you if your program prepares children for school, you can honestly answer by saying… Yes!!

Check out this video below

(The video speaks to the parent, however, it’s a great video for the caregiver as well)

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