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When employees are treated like family,

they’re far less likely to betray the company for personal gain.

As I write this blog post, I am feeling so much appreciation for my staff. In fact, our annual Open House is only 2-days away and the teachers have been working really hard on their classrooms.

One week prior to writing this blog post, I held a 15-minute staff meeting and I shared  what my vision was for Open House and that included:

  • Fun Activities for the kids
  • Creative decor on the walls
  • An apple theme
  • Well organized classrooms
  • Welcome new families to our center
  • Open the center to the community

I must say that my staff has done exceedingly abundantly  above all that I could have imagined that they could do.

If you are  following my personal page on facebook, you may have noticed that I have posted pictures of my open house banner and I have been tweeting about leadership and staff, because this week I have learned so much about how to get your staff to exceed your expectations!

Check out the Thank you Memo below that I issued to my teachers:

In summary, I want you to know that its more work to do it all by yourself, however, it takes motivation and positive leadership to get your staff to help you  build a successful childcare business!

To Your Success,


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