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More Inspiration to Get Organized

(This post was previously published in 2012)

Are you ready for more organizational tips and ideas? This week, I thought I would inspire you with some photos to give you some organizational ideas.

As I have mentioned before; I can be a bit anal when it comes to classrooms being organized. However, I must confess that I am still working on organizing my office.

Moreover, I feel that the children’s play space is the first thing that parents see and I wanted to inspire you to get your classrooms and play space organized by sharing these photos with you.


Source: Harrisburg Early Learning Center

I love the organization in this block area!

Source: Me and Marie Learning

 Loving the creativity and organization here! It’s simple clean and I bet kids love to explore this space!!

Source: Hello Little

Source:Teach Preschool

This bulletin board caught my attention. It looks very organized and it inspires parents to take a look at the posted information.

Source: Park Place Child Care Facility

You really do not need much in a bathroom other than soap, tissue, paper towels, sinks, toilets and according to this restroom…a little color! Love the colors in this bathroom.


Check out the organization in this foyer/sign-in area.  (Click the image for a larger Picture)

Have you been inspired to get your classroom space, parent sign-in area, bulletin boards and other spaces in your program organized? If so, how has this post inspired you and what do you plan to get organized in your childcare business?

Shiketa Morgan

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5 Steps To a Successful Playground Design

Are you in search of more playground design tips? Is it time to make changes on your playground? Design for Fun recommends the following design ideas for a fun and successful outdoor experience:

  1. Themes
  2. Developmental Differences
  3. accessibility
  4. Sense of Community
  5. Fun Ways to Get There

I reviewed all five of the design tips and I am ready to incorporate all five of the suggested design tips on the playground at my childcare center. Moreover, I want to share the design tips with you.

Incorporate a Theme

 Having a theme on your playground enhances outdoor play.  Furthermore, it promotes pretend play, social interactions and cooperative play outdoors. I also believe that parents would love the fact that their children are able to have access to this level of play. Theme ideas include:: under water, beach scene, sports, fairy tale or fantasy themes,etc.

Consider the Developmental Differences

The average childcare facility cares for children ages 6wks-12 years of age and that is a wide range of developmental needs. Infants need equipment that is designed for early walkers and equipment that provides crawl space for exploration. Toddlers and preschooler love to exercise walk, balance, crawl over and under;  crawl over, under and hide.

Good accessibility

According to Design for Fun, “Good accessible playground design provides participation, variety, physical comfort, and safety for all its users by incorporating rather than segregating differences.” The next time that the children are outdoors look for accessibility. If you do not see it, it’s time to work on good accessibility.

Meeting Place

Does your playground have a meeting place? A meeting place is simply a central gathering place for the children to stop and talk with one another or simply rest from play. Many centers want staff moving around, however, it is a good idea to have a meeting place for adults as well. This would be a great way to inspire parents to visit your playground.

Exploring Fun Ways to Get There

“Children are far more interested in HOW they get somewhere than in where it is they are going”

Looking at the photo above has inspired me to add a place where children can climb or walk across ropes. I remember walking across a path similar to this a Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri and it was an awesome experience. I can only imagine what a child feels when her or she walks across a roped bridge.

I hope that you have been inspired to create a successful design on your playground and most of all, enhance the play on your playground!

This blog post was inspired by, “Designed for Fun.”

Shiketa Morgan

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