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How Do You Reward Yourself For Your Hardwork?

reward yourself

Everyone likes a pat on the back every once in a while.And there’s no better time to get one than when you’re out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself to improve, nervous about whether you can succeed. ~Mike Kramer

Several years ago, I found out how great  it felt to reward myself after a very busy week at my child care center. In fact, I used to reward everyone else but myself; not anymore!

Can you relate to the following statements: The staff are rewarded for doing a great job; the parents are rewarded for referring other families and the kids are rewarded for doing a great job in the classrooms. There is only one person who is  missing from the statements  above…..You!

If you don’t feel that you deserve a reward, then that’s OK, however, I want to challenge you to give it a try. I strongly believe that we all love extra benefits and rewards.

Moreover, it just feels good to treat yourself to a chocolate ice cream cone, buy yourself a new purse, or get a relaxing manicure after a long busy week.

Whatever your reward may be…you deserve it!

Do you reward yourself for your hard-work? Please leave a comment below.

With You in mind!


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