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According to a NACCRA News Release on August 3, 2010, child care costs continue to rise despite economic downturn. Moreover, the report concludes that childcare exceeds food cost and other household expenses. 

“As a result of increasing child care costs and the current economy, some parents have been forced to remove their children from organized child care programs or licensed settings and  place them in more informal settings ,” said Linda Smith, Executive Director of NACCRRA.  

As child care business owners, it is vital that we provide parents with high quality childcare and consider providing more to assure parents that their child care dollars are well spent. Most of all, you want parents to stay with you and not choose a cheaper child care provider because of their finances. 

Just know that, when parents are happy with your services, they will do all that they can to stay with you. Further more, when you go the extra mile for parents, they will appreciate it and value your service. 

Here are some tips to help you to go the extra mile for parents: 

  • Once a month provide breakfast on the go
  • Provide coupons near sign-in table
  • Waive late payment fees if parents are having financial trouble (if possible)
  • When parents raise funds with a fundraiser, provide a discount on tuition
  • Offer a Late pick-up night
  • Ask about their day
  • Offer bottle water or coffee at pick-up time

This is just a small list of ways that you can go the extra mile for parents. Do all that you can to show your parents that you value their business and that you care! 

” People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”~ John Maxwell 


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  1. Carol said:

    Great, great ideas! Thank you!


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