Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses


A happy customer will tell three or four others;

a dissatisfied customer will tell ten.

~ Wisconsin Child Care Improvement Project


Marketing your childcare business to your current customers is crucial to building enrollment. According to the Wisconsin Child Care Improvement project, “Over 90% of parents rely on recommendations from relatives, friends, and co-workers, so pleasing your current families is essential to long-term stability.”

It has been my experience that when parents are pleased with my childcare center practices, they will tell their friends and family members. I am always so honored when parents refer others, that I offer $25 off one week of tuition for referrals. I strongly believe that parents do not refer families for the discount. In fact, I believe that they refer families because they are happy with my program.

How Do You Inspire Parents to Help You Market Your Child Care Business?

1. Ask for their referral and offer an incentive

2. Let them know that you appreciate their business (Post thank you notes where parents can see them,etc)

3. Go the extra mile when possible ( waive late fees, have community coupons available,etc)

4. Provide their child with the best care possible (Always strive to improve your services)

5. Strive to have a positive relationship with parents

6. Greet them with a warm hello every morning and ask about their day in the evening

7. Invest in promotional items such as: back pack, pens, key chains and/or coffee mugs with your business name on it.

8. Welcome their feedback in the form of Annual surveys to help you to improve your service.

9. Ask for testimonials to place on your website (offer incentives )

10. Take photos of smiling parents talking with you for your website

Whatever your methods may be to inspire parents to market your childcare business, keep in mind that when your parents are happy with your business….They will tell others! Feel free to share your thoughts about this post.

~Shiketa Morgan

For more marketing tips, check out my Marketing 101 toolkit.

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