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In a family center program, the concern of the provider or center is on the child and family. Moreover,  the program  will have innovative methods to increase interactions with families in the following ways: classroom telephones, personal family visits, journaling, parent-child events, etc. Furthermore, in a family centered childcare program, the community recognizes the facility as a family focal program.

Four Steps to Creating a family centered program?

Step One– Creating a family centered program is by viewing the parent and caregiver as the primary teacher of the child, because the parent is the first and most important teacher in a child’s life.

Step Two–  Home providers and center staff members  do whatever they can to support the parents in their role. For example: A parent has questions about potty training; The teacher, visits the professional development library to obtain an article for the parent to read and invites the parent to see him or her if there are anymore questions about potty training.

Step Three– There is good parent staff-communication in place. This could be any or all of the following: daily text messages, weekly emails, telephone calls, meetings, memos, use of social media, daily reports, newsletter, bulletin boards and so much more.

Step four– Provide services that assist parents in their role including: parenting classes, a parent resource library, access to parenting magazines/articles, parenting blog,etc.

What are your plans to create a family centered program? If you already have a family centered program, please share how having a family centered program has impacted your relationship with parents?

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