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Do you have an infant/toddler program? If so, I would love to feature your program on the Child Care Business Owner blog.

Please copy and paste the following questions below into an email; include  the name of your center, where you are located and forward your response to by 7/6/11.

I will feature an infant/toddler program every week during the month of July/2011. * Please note: only 4 programs will be selected to be featured throughout the month.

Feature Questions

1. What ages you provide care for?

2. Do you have an infant/toddler curriculum?

3. Do you have a daily schedule for infant/toddlers?

4. How do you communicate with parents about the their child’s day?

5. What type of equipment and materials do you have in your infant/toddler area or classroom?

6. Do you have any specific policies for your infant/toddler program?

7. Does the parents provide the food or do you plan menus for infant/toddlers and provide the food/formula?

8. What is your philosophy about infant/toddler care?

* Please email photos of your infant toddler room to

Looking forward to reading all about your infant/toddler program. Please remember, only 4 programs will be selected!


Thanks for all that you for young children,


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