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According to Cathy Abraham, author of The Learning Foundations Curriculum, just the mere word ” Wood Working” strikes fear in the heart of many of the most competent of caregivers, and conjures up images of a child approaching us, crying, with a bleeding finger, or a child hitting another in the head with a hammer.
Children can be taught to utilize the woodworking area appropriately and learn to respect tools – just as in any other area in the classroom.

For children ages 4 years and older, the benefits and the learning associated with this activity far outweigh the potential for problems, if implemented and supervised correctly.

Read Cathy’s entire article (Click Here) ——> Introducing_Woodworking

Comments on: "Do you Incorporate Woodworking Into your Preschool Lesson Plans?" (2)

  1. wow this isn’t an approach or a view i never would considered if i hadn;t read this blog, i have used a wide variety tools a big portion of my life, hand tool as well power tools, never been hurt(Thank God) but my point is i learned a lot of this from an early age. I learned to respect the use of the tool(s) as well its dangers that could happen with carelessness. its not the tool that is wrong its the person using it. I commend you for using it as a teaching tool for your youngsters


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