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I love it when spring comes, because at my child care center; the kids are provided with a wealth of spring time activities including:

  • Gardening
  • Making kites
  • Caterpillar Art
  • Flower collages
  • Painting Rainbows
  • Flowers in the science area and so much more!

If you follow my Learning Days page on Facebook, you may have noticed that I upload weekly classroom activities and I must say that the kids are enjoying the spring activities.

Today I want to inspire you to create a spring like environment in your program by assuring that children are provided with fun and enriching spring activities.

Check out some of the spring activities that my staff has planned for the kids at Learning Days. I take the privacy of the children in my facility very seriously, so please note that I have intentionally excluded pictures of the kids in this blog post.

The School-age kids created this bulletin board!


Grass is growing in our science area


The kids are growing herbs: Parsley and Basil

I found this picture in my Facebook Weekly Activity folder from Spring 2010! This is a "Ducks in the Pond" Activity in the Sensory Table.


The kids can stop by the flower shop to check out or buy flowers. You may even notice that there are pictures from home and garden magazines. The shop was created by Vennie Randolph.


This was just a small list of Spring Activities that you will see in my childcare center during the spring months, however, today I discovered a Pinterest page that will give you a variety of spring ideas for your childcare business…Check it out!

If you are a home provider and need inspiration to create enriching lesson plans or learning centers in your home, join the Family Home Child Care Empowerment Club Today!   Have you check out the latest Child Care Business eNewsletter? If not, subscribe today!


With Fun Spring Activities in Mind,

Shiketa Morgan

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