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Summer is almost here and I want to inspire you to create a summer time environment that you, the children and the parents will love!

Most home providers care for a mixed age group of children and this blog post has been created to give you ideas for children between the age of one to twelve years of age.

Are you ready to discover how to create a summer time environment for the children in your care? Here are five fun and enriching ways to give your family home childcare environment a summer time look:

1. Add a Wading Pool in the Reading Area. This is a great way to create a cool space for reading. Be sure to add some pillow, lots of summer time books and stuffed animals for the young toddlers to hold.

2. In the Dramatic Play area add the following items for pretend play: sunglasses, empty sun tan lotion bottles, swim wear, flip-flops, beach bags, sun hats,etc. If your space is limited, use a large basket or storage container for the items.

3. Add a large beach towel on the floor for block building. Encourage the children to build on or around the beach towel. It will be cool to encourage them to build with sunglasses on!

4. Give your parent bulletin board a summer time look by adding orange paper as a background with yellow border. Also, use sun templates as the heading for menus, lesson plans and parent news.

5. Add boats or  people to your water table for indoor/outdoor water fun! ***To assure a healthy experience, be sure that the children wash their hands before and after water play. If you do not have a water table; use two dish washing pails.

Want more ideas? Be sure to check out the Summer Camp ePlanning Guide!

I look forward to your thoughts about this blog post.

Have a Fun and Safe Summer!

Shiketa Morgan

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