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Could you use more snack ideas?  Are you ready to have a Patriotic Snack time?

Today I want to share a patriotic snack idea that will get you and the children in a Patriotic Mood!

Every Summer, I look forward to observing lots of mouth watering and enriching cooking activities in my classrooms. In fact, at my center, our theme during the week of the 4th of July is Patriotic fun and it is a great week for a patriotic snack.

Today I am going to share with you, one of my favorite Summer Time snacks/recipes; “The Patriotic Parfait.” You will find the recipe below. Be sure to pass it on by clicking the share buttons below. Enjoy!

What you will need



Whip Cream

Crumbled Graham Crackers

A plastic clear cup

Make it

Encourage each child to add a scoop of blueberries to their cup, then add some strawberries, crumble a graham cracker over the berries, then squeeze whip cream on the top of the parfait; add a small flag and enjoy!

Does this snack meet Child Adult and Food Program Guidelines?

Yes it does! Be sure to serve the required serving of fruit and the graham cracker is a credible grain or bread. To be sure that this snack is  healthy and low in fat, choose a low-fat whip cream!


*** If you have children in care that are allergic to berries, consider making a jello patriotic parfait. click here


With a Patriotic Snack in mind!


For more healthy menu ideas, be sure to check out  the Preview copy of my Healthy Child Care Menus ebook!

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