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kids with sunglasses


I can hardly believe that June is already here! In fact, it seems like I was just writing my business goals for 2013 and here we are half way through the year.

This week, I thought I would share some fun Summer Camp Activities with you to provide you with more great ideas  for the kiddos enrolled in your Summer Program or Camp.

In fact, I love it when the summer comes, because it usually means; more kids, lots of warm weather, fun field trips and lots of fun Summer Fun!

Here are my Top 5 Summer Camp Activities:

  1. Painting while wearing Sunglasses. This activity is so cool. Simply invite the children to wear sunglasses while they are painting!
  2. Painting with Flip Flops. Provide the children with old flip-flops, construction paper and paint. Instruct the children to dip their flip-flops in the paint to make flip-flops imprints on the paper.
  3. Summer T-shirt Art. Simply give each child a white t-shirt, provide the children with paint and seashells to make seas shell imprints on their t-shirts. Be sure to paint the words: Summer Camp!
  4. The Tiny Tot Travel Station.  I borrowed this idea from the mailbox magazine about 10 years ago and I still implement it in my program today. Simply, provide the children with luggage, travel brochures, a telephone, luggage tags to practice writing skills, add clothing to practice packing skills, post travel deals on the wall and to enhance the children’s imagination;  encourage the children take a trip to their favorite place by boarding their pretend airplane. Be sure to make a big sign that is Titled: Tiny Tot Travel Station!
  5. Beach Ball Fun Outdoors. Be sure to take beach balls outdoors to have lots of Summer Time Beach Ball Play!

What do you think about my top 5 summer camp activities? Feel free to share your top 5 Summer time activities. Be sure to Subscribe to my weekly Child Care Business Weekly eNewsletter or Email tips. Click Here


Have a Great Summer!




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