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Hi Def Video Banner 2(Featured Sponsor) is now offering FREE hi-def video camera systems to early learning centers. Be ahead of the curve by offering this state of the art system to your parents. It is a great way to increase enrollment, retention, and expand existing services for your facility.

Our company specializes in online video monitoring designed specifically for childcare environments. These wireless cameras require no setup on your part. The video systems have been created with the parents in mind and we pride ourselves in the ease of use and quality of video. Our ability to offer these systems absolutely free to daycare’s and early learning centers is a huge bonus to parents.

Parents have the ability to sign-up and securely access their child’s classroom to watch them in a streaming video format from any computer or mobile device. Both parents and the childcare center will benefit from our camera systems. Parents will certainly feel more at ease being able to login at anytime to see that their child is safe and sound and the daycare center will increase enrollment and retention.

In today’s modern age of technology there is no reason for any center not to be using us. The free system works as follows:

• Cameras are placed in classrooms of your choice
• Parents access the camera for their child’s classroom by going to our website and creating a unique secure username and password.
• Parents complete the billing form and receive confirmation of account setup
• You will receive an email for every parent that signs up
• Parents can view the stream from any computer or smart phone simply by logging into our website


For security purposes, there is no audio available and the stream cannot be recorded. Please feel free to contact us by visiting the website and completing the information request form. Click here

 Be sure to post your thoughts below about this offer!

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