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Parents no longer grab their telephone phone books to search for child care. In fact, the Internet has become the new phone book and this is why it is vital that you become a Master at Online Marketing!

At my upcoming Teleseminar, I will show you how to:

  • Effectively Market Your Child Care on Social media
  •  What You Should Be posting on Social Media
  • How to Create a Website that Builds Enrollment
  • How often you should post and how to Schedule post and get back to your Business
  • Implementing Social Media Trends for 2016!

Don’t miss this Teleseminar! regeister-for-success-2014-tag-web Registration Deadline is January 4, 2016


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Our First group Session will be held on January 25, 2016 at 7:00pm cst via Conference call

Do you have a dream of expanding your child Care Business? Want to move your daycare out of your home? Want to Go Bigger? If so, you want to be apart of my Mastermind group.

In my Child Care Business Mastermind Group we will meet once a week (for 6 weeks) via Conference Call for one hour and we will cover the following topics:

  • How to Create an Expansion Plan
  • How to Pick a Great Location
  • Ways to Fund the Expansion
  • Lease or Own (Lease negotiations)
  • Handling the Licensing process as you go through expansion
  • Preparing the Families and Your Staff For the Business Expansion
  • Marketing the Business Expansion
  • Creating an Expansion Budget
  • Developing Your Leadership Abilities & Growth Thinking!

Claim your spot today and click the the Join Today Button below!

Registration Deadline is January 15, 2016

join today***Only 15 slots Available

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