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Why Aimee Chose the CCBO Curriculum Club?


On July 31, 2013, I launched the Child Care Business Owner Curriculum Club and many Child Care Business Owners have already downloaded their free lessons and joined the club as a paid subscriber to receive their September Lesson Plans.

In fact, I launched the club for many reasons including:

  • I love writing lesson plans
  • I know that lesson planning takes time and I want to provide child care providers with pre-planned lessons, so they can focus on running their business
  • I want to offer providers affordable curriculum materials that will assure a fun and enriching day for young children!

Moreover, as I write this blog post, I am so excited to share a recent testimonial from one of my blog followers and a new member of the Curriculum club.

“Well I was paying $80 for 2 months of curriculum for 1 child! That ends up being $40 a month. I thought it was going to be great because I comes already packaged with crafts a curriculum. guide and learning tools such as flash cards and photo prompts, newsletter, etc.

Then, when the kit arrived I was so disappointed! It covers language, cognitive, social emotional and physical development (with an art craft) -but you only get 1 or two activities a day. For us that’s NOT going to work -especially at that price!

Then what really turned me on to what you’re doing is even though I will be printing more, the cost of the printing ink, paper, supplies plus the subscription price of the club makes it HALF the price of the boxed curriculum AND I can teach as many children with the lessons as I want.

So to sum it up -Your curriculum offers activities in all of the developmental areas EVERYDAY (not just a couple), even with printing and supplies it is 1/2 the price of the commercially boxed kits and offers many printable extras they do not. Lastly, a provider does not have to pay extra to teach the lessons to more children; once the curriculum is purchased, you can teach any size group!

Thanks so much! I’m glad you are a part of my preschool and look forward to teaching from the lesson plans you’ve prepared.

~Aimee Nester

Wow!!!! After reading Aimee’s feedback about the packaged curriculum plan that she purchased (before trying the CCBO Curriculum Club), it reminded of me of why I created my curriculum club:

  • Its Affordable!!
  • Its filled with activities that children love
  • Its Simple and easy to use!!
  • Its Saves you money!!!
  • It empowers you to provide children with a quality experience….

Thank you Aimee for sharing!  Join Aimee and many other Child Care providers in the CCBO Curriculum Club by, clicking here.

An Aha Moment…

A moment of clarity, the aha moment is a defining moment where you gain real wisdom- wisdom you can use to change your life…or Business


As I was conducting my weekly classroom observations, a three-year old began to roll a car down my leg and my back. I must say that  I began to feel very relaxed as she rolled the car against my leg and back.

Then I noticed another child sitting next to me  playing with some play-doh and she asked me to smell it. As I sniffed the playdoh, it brought back  childhood memories that I had about playdoh.  In fact, I shared the  Aha moment with  the teacher in the classroom and she was so excited to discover that smell can bring back a simple childhood memory.

After my Aha Moment,I was reminded that smell can trigger a memory and if smell triggers a memory, than sensory play has to be great for a child’s brain development!

Moreover, this is why I believe that  it is important to have materials in the classroom that children can smell and experiment with.

Normally, I would have told the three-year old to only roll the car in the block area, however, I was amazed and soothed by the feeling of the car rolling against my skin. Furthermore, I thought about how children should be encouraged to be creative with how they use the materials, such as rolling cars on their friends; it just may calm down an excessively hyper child.

I shared this Aha moment with you to encourage you to provide more sensory play in your childcare business, because it is a great way to stimulate a child’s brain.

Feel free to share an  Aha moment that you have experienced recently in your childcare business. I look forward to reading your thoughts about this post.

Online Resource:

Smell, Taste and Nutrition: Building Block for Early Learning



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