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5 Cool Fathers Day Art Activity Ideas

Fathers Day is fast approaching and kids love to make things for their dads. Over the past 14 years, it has been an annual tradition in my home daycare or center, to plan a father’s day activity for the children.

To be quite honest with you, the activity usually would be a card for the dads and we may dress it up with a neck tie. The dads never complained. In fact, I love to see the look on the faces of the dads when the kids would present their dads with their father’s day gift at pick up time.

This year I thought I would get a little bit more creative and browse the internet for more  fathers day activity ideas. Check out what I have found online. I look forward to reading your comments about the father’s day activities below:

Fathers Day Homemade Paper Weight

For instructions, click here

King for a Day Crown

For instructions, click here

Dad Rocks!

For Instructions, Click here

Our Family TV

For Instructions, Click here

My Kids Walk all over  Me!

For more instructions, click here

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With Dads in mind,

Shiketa Morgan

Linda Horner Owner of Linda’s Preschool Shares Cool Ways To Market Your Business On Halloween


On Saturday October 29, 2011, Linda Horner (Owner of Linda’s Preschool) shared photos of how she decorated the outside of her home, to draw attention with Halloween related yard decor.

Moreover, she wanted to share a  creative marketing strategy that will help to attract new families to you on Halloween night.  Check out the photos of Linda’s Halloween decorations (below).





For More ideas,

Visit Linda’s Blog to view more photos, click here.

Feel free to share your comments about Linda’s Halloween marketing strategies. If you have (creative) tips to share with childcare business owners, feel free to email your tips to To your success!


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