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After several years of experiencing low enrollment at the end of Summer Camp, I realized that the best time to build enrollment for the fall is during the month of  July.

Why July? I will tell you why…

  1. July marks the mid way point of Summer and you do not want to wait til August to Build fall enrollment
  2. Parents are thinking about preparing their children for back-to- school in July
  3. It’s a great time to reach those parents who are looking to enroll their children in preschool in the fall

Need some ideas on how to market your program for the fall?

Here are 8-ways to build fall enrollment in your program:

1. Invite your families to tell other families about your fall enrollment building campaign,  by offering an incentive to families who refer new families.

2. Hold a virtual Open house in July and be sure to have curriculum information, daily schedules, class photos, pricing info available online for parents to see. (parents want their children in an educational program)

3. Be sure to create a fall enrollment banner for your website and update info about your childcare or preschool program on your website.

4. Start marketing your fall enrollment specials on your social media pages during the month of July.

5. Insert enrollment forms in colorful 2-pocket folders. Be sure to add your program name or business card on the front of your enrollment folders. (during this Covid 19 pandemic, set up an outdoors enrollment info table)

6. If you own a center; invest in fall enrollment banners to hang on your playground fence or to display in your windows.

7. Offer Trial days.

8. Add preschool related clip art to your windows such as: school buses, apples,alphabet,etc.


Happy Enrollment Building!


For more enrollment building ideas, be sure to download the Marketing 101 toolkit.


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You may have a business full of kids and your business may not be struggling, however, you may feel stuck and out of focus. If that is you, I want to tell you today, its time to get motivated again and get re-inspired.

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