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Tips For reducing the spread of The Caronavirus in Child Care:

1. Have children, parents and staff to wash hands upon arrival.
2. Sanitize doorknobs, light switches, time clocks, ink pens, computer keyboards with Clorox wipes daily.
3. Sanitize mouthed toys daily.
4. Disinfect floors daily and all table tops and chairs.
5. Do not allow Staff and/or children with a cough and fever to enter your home daycare or Center.
6. Be sure that your hands are clean before touching your face.
7. Get plenty of rest and load up on vitamin C/ Zinc supplements.
8. Remember to frequently Wash your hands!


Every year, I plan a Summer Camp safety meeting for the following reasons:

  1. To discuss my  summer camp curriculum theme with my team.
  2. Talk about how to keep the children safe.
  3. And….to have some Pre-Summer team fun!

In fact, my theme for the summer camp is: A Summer of Fun and Learning!

If you have an assistant or a team of teachers; I want to challenge you to have a Summer Safety meeting before your Summer Program begins.

It has been my observation that kids are normally left in the vans during the summer months; kids are exposed to extreme temperatures during the summer months and kids may be away from the daycare more, during the summer months.

So why not be proactive and plan a safety meeting that will empower you and your team to keep children safe.

Would you like to see my meeting notes? If so, you can take a peek at my Summer Camp Safety meeting agenda to get some ideas.Summer Safety tips.

For more summer safety tips, be sure to download a copy of my Summer Camp Planning Guide.

Your Coach,

Shiketa Morgan




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