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Please allow me to share my Business Start-up story with you…I was in my basement doing my laundry and I heard the voice of God say, Open a Day Care.

Then, I said to my self; I am not watching no bodies kids!

I decided to be obedient to the voice of God. I gave my boss a 6 week notice. My boss at that time was a cardiologist, Dr.William Hinkle.

Dr. Hinkle bought me a bag of coloring books, and gave me a $200 Christmas bonus. He former boss wished me well and told me to always sign my company checks.

I used a $600 pay check to buy my equipment for my home daycare and I opened on Monday December 27, 1998 as an unlicensed Child Care Provider with 4 children. I was so scared, but I am so glad I did it!

I would have never imagined that I would be operating two families with over 20 employees and running a coaching Business.

If you desire to start a daycare or expand your business, I want to inspire you to do it. I have several resources that will help you:

Download my 10 steps to starting a Child Care Business eBook

Download my ebook, the Art of owning a Center

Sign-up for my Start-up or Expansion Coaching Today!!

I wish you much success in 2017 and I want to encourage you to keep dreaming Big for your Business, because you never know how Big the Business could Grow!!


forms_copyForms Galore for Child Care is Now Available!!

I decided to create this ebook after receiving so many email request for Child Care Business Forms!

The forms that you will find in the Forms Galore e-book; have been used in my very own Child Care Business for over 10 years and now they are available online!!

Download your copy today and gain access to classroom forms, child care business management forms and bonus forms!

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To Your Success!!
Shiketa Morgan

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