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Steve Job said it best: Success is in the details! I was inspired to write this blog post as I was visiting a local restaurant.

As my husband and I sat at the Dinner Table, we were  looking at all the little details about the restaurant.

In fact, the first detail that we noticed was this: the owner turned a home into an elegant restaurant.

Then we also noticed, how the water was brought to the table in a unique bottle. The menu was very unique, there was a lot of attention given to the decor around the restaurant and the food was amazing!

I can go on and on about the details, however, I want to inspire you to pay very close attention to the little things that you do in Business, because they matter!

Here is a challenge for you! Take a closer look at the following:

  1. Your Child Care Business Environment (classroom set-up, photos on the walls,etc)
  2. How does your home or center look on the outside? (flowers,etc)
  3. Can your marketing materials use a makeover?
  4. What is it that parents hear when they walk in to your child care business? Is it screaming children or children laughing and singing?

I think you get the point. Start paying close attention to those small details and make necessary changes.

I promise you that parents will pay attention to those small details and they will also tell their friends and family about your Child Care Business.

Have a Successful Business Week!


Need start-up, Exapansion or Business Management coaching? Visit my Coaching Page Today!

Having a Business Coach is a great way to stay inspired and motivated in Business. I have been a Child Care Business Owner for 17 years and I love mentoring Child Care Business Owners. Most of all, I love sharing from my Successes and struggles in the Business of Child Care.

I have owned a Family Home Child Care Business and two Child Care Centers. I know what comes with owning a Child Care Business and it is vital to your Business Success that you have the Support of a Business Consultant or Coach. That’s why I created Individualized Child Care Business Coaching Options!

In my Coaching Sessions, I share my Business secrets and strategies with you and I Commit to coaching you through any Business challenges that you may be facing!


expansionTime For Expansion Child Care Business Coaching Plan

In my Child Care Business Expansion Coaching Plan, you will have access to the following:

  • 2- hours of Live Business Expansion Coaching
  • Audio Replays from the Child Care Business Expansion Group
  • a Free copy of the Child Care Business Expansion Guide
  • A Free copy of the Art of Owning a Child Care Center ebook

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Start-up Bundle PackageStart-up Coaching Bundle

Do you desire to start a home daycare or a Center? I would love to coach you through the start-up process. In my Start-up Coaching Plan you will have access to the following:

  • 1-hour of Live Start-up Coaching with me
  • A Free Copy of my 10 Steps to Starting a Child Care Business ebook
  • Business Forms including: Business Plan, Start-up Budget assistance.

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Hourly Telephone Coaching

Having Challenges in your Child Care Business? Are you simply needing to Get Inspired and Motivated Again?

If so, sign-up today for your 1-hour Child Care Business Coaching session with me.

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“Mrs. Morgan, is an effective coach that understands her role to be dependable, engaged,authentic,and tunes into the needs of her client.” ~Juanita Montague

I personally have taken her coaching program and I have seen tremendous growth in my business in a matter of days! ~Andrea Dickerson of  DayCare Success Online Network

Shiketa is an amazing business professional, she is very knowledgeable and her tips have given me great insight on how to grow my child care business. She has been the most valuable connection I have made thus far and I am so appreciative she has shared her deep wealth of knowledge.”~AimeeNester

“When I first started my childcare business I could say I was a little lost when  it came to designing and maximizing my space. But, after working with Mrs. Morgan I realized the potential and we devised a space that is not only warm, family friendly, but is absolutely educational in every aspect. I can proudly state that I have not had one visitor that was not amazed….by our setting. “~Ann, Family Home Child Care Business Owner in St. Louis, MO 

** For on-Site coaching, additional travel and/or hotel accommodation fees will apply. A Travel expense invoice will be emailed to you.

I look forward to coaching you to Success!



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