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Classroom Practices Must Be Closely Monitored….. Watch This Video

One of my old employees told me that I was a micro manager. In fact she felt that I was not letting her be a teacher. In other words, she wanted me to not monitor her classroom so closely.

One day I was observing one of my classrooms via the video monitoring camera and I noticed that the teacher’s body language toward the children was quite negative, so I decided to leave my office to observe and listen to what was going on in the classroom. It appeared that she was tired and very short-tempered with the kids and I noticed it on the video monitoring camera.

I asked her if she was tired and she said,” No, but Mrs. Morgan you know how some of these kids can be.” I told her, “that is no excuse to speak to the kids in a harsh manner.” So she went on break and after her break, she told me that she could not work for me any more and told me I was a micro-manager.

I was glad that she quit, because it really revealed to me that I had the wrong person on my team and really feel that the owner must always look out for the best interest of the kids and hire teachers that feel the same way that you do.

As an owner of a childcare center of over 9 years, I have decided to continue to closely monitor the practices of my staff or hire someone else to do it, because the practices of your staff will ultimately give your childcare business a great reputation or ruin your business reputation!

The video that you are about to view below is a great example of why classroom practices must be closely monitored. I look forward to reading your thoughts about this post.

A Camera System Can Help To Improve The Hiring Process


Several month’s ago ADT Alarm company installed cameras in my classrooms and on the outside of my childcare center. I am so excited about having a new camera system that records the daily operations in my center.  In fact,  now that I have a camera system, I feel that I have a second pair of eyes on my center.

There are three reasons that I love having a camera system:

  1. It is a great training tool for staff meetings
  2. If a parent has a concern, we can show the parent what really happened in the classroom
  3. I love to use the camera system in the selection process of new employees (with their permission)

Recently, I interviewed a potential applicant for a Lead Teacher position in my center. She met the educational requirements for the job, however, I was not too sure about how she could handle a room of 2 and 3 year olds.

So, I asked her if she would be willing to come in for a classroom observation for 1-hour. She agreed to the observation and she understood that I would review her classroom management skills by way of the camera system.

When she entered the room, there was another teacher in the class for the first 40 minutes of the observation, then the teacher informed her that she would step away from the class for 20 minutes (as instructed by me) to see how the children will respond to her leadership.

As I watched the video recording of the potential applicant and the children, the applicant appeared to be engaged with the children the first 10 minutes of being alone, then the applicant sat with one group of kids and there was another group of kids that decided to around the room. The applicant redirected the behavior, then went back to interact with a group of children.

The potential applicant was doing an awesome job  working with the children in small groups, however, there was a group of children that were climbing on tables and running in circles. It appeared to me that supervision would be a major issue and this helped me to form my decision in not hiring the teacher.

In fact, watching the video recording reminded me of the importance of hiring teachers that can effectively supervise young children.

Do you have a camera system on site? Is it used to observe potential employees? Feel free to share your thoughts about this blog post.

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