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Four Things You Must Know About Infant & Toddlers by Dr. Bisa Lewis

Dr. Bisa is Founder and Managing Partner of Ideal Early Learning, LLC and WINGS Curriculum, LLC. She is a published author of education and parenting articles, college textbooks, children’s books, early childhood curriculum, early learning handbooks and more.

#1 Assessing their Needs

The most appropriate way to fulfill the needs of infants and toddlers is to first assess their needs – physically, socially, emotionally, linguistically and intellectually. 

#2 Daily Opportunities to Explore

Like preschoolers, infants and toddlers need daily opportunities to explore the environment, learn new skills, and interact with adults and peers.

#3 Infant/Toddlers need to be in an Environment that Stimulates their Brain

Babies are born with 100+ billion brain cells called neurons. The first five years of life are the prime years for children to learn HOW to learn. Infants and toddlers should be engaged in safe indoor and outdoor activities that stimulate the brain.

#4 The first five years are critical!

During the first five years of life, children are sponges! If provided suitable learning opportunities, children can do more than just fly, they can soar. WINGS Curriculum recommends six learning centers for infants and nine for toddlers.

Check out WINGS at and Visit Dr. Bisa’s website

Evaluating The Health/Safety Practices in Your Infant/Toddler Program

Have you evaluated the health/safety practices in your infant/toddler program lately?

To assure that the infant/toddlers in your care are in a healthy and safe environment, it is vital that you evaluate your program on a regular basis.

Conducting a regular self-evaluation of your infant/toddler program is a great way to assess if you need to make improvements in your program. Moreover, evaluations can be done on a weekly or monthly basis in the form of a health/safety check list.

Furthermore, evaluating your health/safety practices could prevent illnesses, injuries or even a fatal accident. Let’s get started today!  Check out this checklist.

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