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7 Water Safety Tips For Family Home Providers

Water Play is a great way for you and the children to keep cool this summer while playing outdoors. Moreover, water play is a great way to enhance the outdoor experience for young children in your care.

According to Safe Kids USA, “A child should never be unsupervised in or near water, even shallow wading pools. There are many precautions parents and caregivers can take to keep children safe around water.”

Today I am going to share with you seven ways to keep children safe around water:

  1. Avoid the use of wading pools and field trips to public pools. As a safe alternative, choose to turn on the sprinklers for water fun in the back yard.
  2. If you have a  pool in your back yard, Install four-sided isolation fencing at least 5 feet high, equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates, around home swimming pools.
  3. During water fun, keep the infants in play pens or hold them during water play.
  4. Be sure that the children feet and shoes are dry before returning inside your home to prevent falls.
  5. Keep rescue equipment, a telephone and emergency numbers by the pool
  6. Do not allow older children to swim without adult supervision.
  7. It is vital that you are CPR/First Aid Certified!

Have a Safe and Fun Summer!

Shiketa Morgan

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