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Summer is almost here and this is a great time to focus on how you can make your program safer and educate parents on how to keep kids safe at home. There are several areas to focus on and they are as follows: water safety, field trip safety and outdoor play.

Water Safety

When it is hot outoors, the children want to play in water. However, your role is to keep them safe around water. For safe and fun water play, take the water table outdoors and add boats and water toys. Turn on the sprinkers and allow the children to run and play in the water. * Avoid the use of wading pools.

Fieldtrip Safety

Summer time is a great time to go on fieldtrips, so be sure that you develop fieldtrip procedures to keep the children safe. Before leaving the home or center here are a few safety procedures to follow: discuss safety rules with the children, take the children’s emergency contact information, medication, first aid materials, add a sticker on each child that includes the name of your program and conduct a head count before leaving and before returning to the program. * Never leave the Children in the Car or Van. Always double check the vehicle for children.

Outdoor Play

Children do not care how hot it is outdoors, they just want to play! Exposing children to extreme temperatures could be harmful to their health. Be sure to take water and cups outdoors to allow the children to drink water as needed. Also, taking a first aid kit outdoors, assures that in the event of an accident/injury, you are prepared to treat the wound. According to Child Care weather watch, it is safe to play outdoors when the temperatures are 90 degress are cooler.

Parents also play a vital role in having a safe summer, so be sure to share safety tips with parents by posting signs or in the form of a newsletter.

Safety Links!


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