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The way that you handle or negotiate differences with parents could impact your relationship with parents. When a parent has a concern, do you listen or do you get upset?

It is common for parents and providers to have differences and here are some examples; my child is napping to long an I don’t like it, I want my child to arrive mid-day, I don’t want my child to get dirty, I don’t want my child to go outdoors, etc. How would you handle these situations?

When differences or challenges with parents are handled effectively, it creates a win-win situation for the provider and the parents. When differences are not negotiated effectively, this could lead to an angry parent and the loss of a customer.

As a Business Owner, it is vital that you develop a strategy to negotiate differences with parents. Here are 5 steps that you can take in the event you need to negotiate differences with a parent:

Step1… Reflect on what happened (“I see how upset you are about the situation”)

Step2…Explain (“Here’s what I think”)

Step3…Reason (I will give you a reason for what I think)

Step4…Understanding (Try to see the conflict from both point of views)

Step5…Negotiate (Begin to look for a solution when both parties are clear about the issues and our differing perspectives (What can we do about this situation?)

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