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The time will come when you will need an employee. Your enrollment may increase, you may need to take a vacation or you just may need part-time help. Conducting job interviews can be time-consuming and you can save your self time by being organized during the process. Moreover, your preparation will assure that you have successful interviews and hire the person that is right for your childcare business.

Preparing for the Interview

Before the interview, make a detailed list of why you need an employee, a description of the duties that the potential employee will conduct and how much the job will pay. This will help you to be more organized for the interview and also the potential employee will know the specific details of the job. Moreover, this will help the potential employee determine if the job is right for him or her.

Scheduling an Interview

Schedule job interviews at a time of the day when their will be no distractions. The first interview can be done over the telephone, to screen the applicant. It is also a good ideas to have the applicant to fax or email a resume to you. If the potential employee seems like a great candidate for the job, then schedule a face-to face interview.

Questions to ask on the interview

The questions that you ask during the job interview will help you to determine if you will hire this applicant. Here are five general questions to ask a potential employee:

1. Tell me about you?

2. What type of experience do you have working with children and describe your daily duties at your last childcare position?

3. Why should I hire you?

4. What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

5. If I were to call your last employer, what will he or she tell me about your work performance?

Wrapping up the Interview

Be sure to explain to the applicant about all the details of the job including: your mission, your expectations, the hours, benefits, back ground screening, licensing requirements of workers, the work environment and the salary. End the interview by shaking the potential applicant’s hand and informing them that you will contact them in the event that you decide to hire them.


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