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Do you have employees? Are you connecting with your employees? Do  you have trouble with supervising others? If so, there are three books that I recommend that you add to your professional development library and they are as follows:

My Story

In 2005, I noticed a spirit of gossip among my employees. It was so bad, that I was calling team meetings on a regular basis and I felt like I was a referee.

I decided to buy two books, “ The indisputable Laws of Team Work” and Winning with People by John C.  Maxwell.  Both of those books empowered me to build a positive team, connect with the problem employees and how to become a great Team Leader.

Also, the book, ” Develop the Leader Within You” empowered me to examine myself and my leadership style. Believe it or not, your leadership style affects how you lead others. As I read the book (Develop the Leader Within You), I discovered that most of the problems that derived from managing my employees; was a reflection of my level of leadership.

Thanks to the books that I recommend in this blog post, I am now more confident as a leader. Furthermore, leading others is no longer a frustration for me.

If you have been inspired to pick-up a copy of these three books, I want to inspire you take the next 90-days and read each one of the books listed above. Moreover, I believe that after reading the books, you will grow as a business leader and your employees will have great respect for your leadership.

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  2. These are great books, I have read them when I maintain and managed as Bookstore over 7 yrs ago. Maxwell puts out great books.

    For people developing a business- it a must read


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