Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses


Being a successful child care business can take years to happen. 

 Being patient and being YOU is what is the key.

Standing out in a crowd, being different. Determination is the real key to being successful.

~Cheryl Mendiola

Tell me about Tuggy’s Tots

Tuggys Tots

My name is Cheryl Mendiola and I own and operate Tuggy’s Tots Pre K Adventures. My daughter, Brittney is my assistant on every adventure! We sail the high seas in search of a great learning experience! I was named after a tugboat and my grandfather called me Tuggy. I chose that for my business name because it would remind me of him.

Tuggy’s Tots Pre K Adventures is located in Tulare, California which is in the Central Valley. I  have been on this great adventure since 1986 and still going! We firmly believe that children should have a say in what they learn about and should have fun doing so. We like self-directed learning and focus on music,drama,and reading. We also enjoy cooking and we are very big on recycling.  We have appeared on A place of our own (provider of the week) and 0 to 5 in 30 minutes in a segment involving indoor play when weather doesn’t permit outside play. We approach each day knowing that it is okay to just dance and jump and sing all day….we have had fun and have learned in the process. Our learning environment is simple. We decided this was best so that the crew isn’t distracted and they could focus on what we are doing at the time rather than on what we are going to be doing. Each child grows and learns in their own unique way. We have fun!

What inspired you to start a childcare business?

When I was in the sixth grade I was an A student so I was chosen to help in the kindergarten classrooms on Friday afternoons. Immediately I fell in love with the laughter and the satisfaction in knowing I helped a child learn something (and the smell of school paint and paste) I knew I wanted to work with children and knew that I would be successful. High school came around and there I was teaching preschoolers how to sing. I applied at a center where the director hired me to work at her home day care. Her name ……Jana Mathias and she is the one that really inspired me. She knew that I had what it takes to be a successful child care business owner. Instead of being a typical “boss” she let me do what came naturally for me and to color outside of the lines. I was a success! I began my own business and to her I will be forever grateful. I thank her for having confidence in me and for inspiring me to do what was a natural talent. She passed away last year and she will never be forgotten for being a wonderful role model and my reason for being on this great adventure!



What do you think is the key to a successful child care business?

Being a successful child care business can take years to happen. Being patient and being YOU is what is the key. Standing out in a crowd, being different. Determination is the real key to being successful.



My advice for new child care business owners

Don’t Give up! Don’t take things personally and have patience. You have to get your name out there and make it a good name. Provide the best care you are capable of…go above and beyond and always do your best! Good communication between you and your families is important and will help your program be a success. Have fun…enjoy yourself…..hug your little ones and smile…you are making a huge difference in a child’s life.

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