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September is my favorite time of year!

I love September because it symbolizes the beginning of a new preschool year and many childcare programs teach children about Apples during the month of September because September is Apple season!

There are so many fun things that you can do with an apple theme and kids love to have fun learning with Apples.

Does your childcare program have an Apple Theme?  If  no, the unit below is full of a variety of Apple related activities for your preschoolers.

If you already are implementing an Apple unit and you simply need more ideas; more apple related activities or just a click away!

Cathy Abraham of Learning Foundation

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Download  and print your Free (52 page) Unit: A Bushel Basket of Curriculum Ideas on Apples.

Click here—> Apple_Curriculum

With a Fun and Enriching Preschool Program in Mind!


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