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I love it when the month of March comes, because I get to add a touch of spring to my childcare facility!

Today I want to share some spring decor ideas with you and some tips on where you can find some great spring related ideas; so that you are inspired to add a touch of spring to your home daycare or childcare center.

Many of my spring decor ideas are discovered when I am out shopping. This past weekend, I was out shopping at Trader Joes and I discovered some gorgeous yellow day lilies. Seeing the day lilies, gave me an idea to add some fresh lilies on the sign-in table.  Adding a vase with fresh Spring flowers is a great way to welcome parents into your program.

I Love to browse home and garden magazines to get spring decor ideas. In fact, I make a trip to the local library to purchase old home & garden magazines to spark my creative juices.

Also, I love to stop by the local Nursery to get spring ideas and one of the things that I notice in the home & garden department at the local nursery are “Spring Flags.”

So, every spring, I display a Welcoming Spring flag near the rear entrance of the building; where parents enter the building. (Check out the flag below)

Spring is also a great time to paint your walls. In the Spring of 2011, developed a desire to liven up the walls at my center with a fresh coat of paint. So, my husband and I went to the local home depot to pick out a paint color and I settled on an earth friendly green. Check out the picture that inspired my new wall color and then my new wall color.

This is the picture that inspired my wall color choice.

Learning Days Child Care Center, Spring 2011. We've added new shelving and more plants since this photo.

I hope that you have been inspired to prepare your childcare business for spring!  Where do you get your spring ideas from? Feel free to share your spring decor ideas.

I look forward to sharing more spring ideas with you in upcoming post, be sure to follow my post/ childcare business tips & discussion on Facebook and Twitter.


Feel free to submit your spring photos to (Your facility will be given credit for the photos)

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