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I have read many books to children, however, Bob Beetle Book Bug is a great book that inspires kids to read. I received my copy of the book at my childcare center on Monday March 5, 2012.

The Preschool teachers really loved the Book!  I could have just settled for their feedback, however, I had to read the book for myself.

So, I decided to  read the book to a group of school-age kids in a very animated voice. The kids were really engaged in the story and it was a fun and magical story time.

In fact, the kids really enjoyed  saying ” Bob Beetle Book Bug ” (really fast three times)  at the beginning of  the book.

Moreover, the book is filled with humor, magical words and it really encourages kids to read books. Also, the last page of the book, includes a promise to read:

” I Promise to read with my family a little everyday.

I promise to take time to read before I start to play.

I promise not to munch on the pages of the book,

but I will pass it on to my friends so they can take a look.”

I want to inspire you to add this book to your reading center(s) and Connect with the Author, Phyllis Griggs on Facebook and Follow Bob Beetle Book Bug on Facebook.

Order Your Book Today! and Introduce the little ones in your Child Care Business to the Magical World of Books….

With Reading in Mind,


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