Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

I want to share an opportunity with you to co-author an e-book that will inspire and empower other Child Care Business owners. Andrea Dickerson (Founder of the I Own a Daycare Network and Owner of Akeba Academy) has invited you and I to co-author this e-book with her!

What is the e-book about?

The concept of the e-book is to have you submit 50-500 words of wisdom, areas in your childcare business that you wish were better,  funny stories about you or your daycare children, lessons you have learned the hard way and what you want others to avoid, Andrea also wants you to talk about the income that you have earned, why you started your childcare business, encouraging poems, menu suggestions, arts and crafts ideas you recommend, business marketing ideas, ways you have learned to work with difficult parents, professional growth and development and so forth.

If you should have something that you would like to share that has not been listed, please feel free to do so!  You are free to write on one subject or on them all!

By providing your input you and other childcare business owners all over the world can coach other inspiring childcare business owners to step out on faith and go for their dreams!

How to Submit your Article for the e-book

  • Please provide your first and last name
  • the name of your business
  • your city and state, a photo of yourself
  • pictures of your childcare space
  • the title of your article in the email subject line
  • Submit your article to Andrea Dickerson by June 8, 2012 via email:

With Inspiring other Child Care Business Owners in mind!



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