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Are You Hiring?

At least once a day, I get a phone call from a potential applicant and the first question that the applicant asks me is: “Are You Hiring.” My standard procedure for calls like this is to forward the applicant to my website to complete my online employment application. I no longer allow applicants to stop by my facility to ask 10, 000 questions and fill out an employment application…TOO TIME CONSUMING!

According to Bcobs.Ca “Pre-screening job applicants allows employers to narrow down the pool of applicants to those who are the best fit for the position—without spending hours doing in-depth interviews. Anyone can look good on paper, but a thorough pre-screening can separate the most appropriate applicants from all the rest and enables employers to save the lengthy interview process for only the very best.”

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to professionally  screen potential applicants:

  1. Invite the applicant to fax or email a resume to you
  2. Review the resume for childcare experience and education
  3. Email the applicant to see if he or she is available to do a telephone interview with you
  4. After a 10-15 minute telephone interview, thank the applicant for his or her time
  5. If you feel that the applicant is the best person for the job, ask the applicant if her or she is available for a face-to face interview.

Interviewing and hiring new employees is very time-consuming, however, if you implement the 5-steps that are indicated above, you will save yourself some valuable time, during the screening process.

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