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complaing parent

Complaining parents is a very common issue in the business of childcare.  In fact, it is one of the top problems that most Child Care Business Owners face.  Today , I want to talk to you about the two types of complainers and they as followers:

  • Naggers and Petty complainers ( people who complain about every little thing)
  • Complainers with legitimate concerns (Complaints that will help you to grow your business)

Please note the following: The definitions above are my very own definitions of complainers. In fact, after 14 years of dealing with difficult parents, I believe that my definitions are very accurate.

In the event that you deal with a (petty complainer or a nagger), stay calm, listen to the parent, restate the issue, reason with the parent and develop a solution together.  You can also Ask the parent  if he or she has a solution for the problem?

If you like the solution…implement the solution. Be sure to Follow-up with the parent, however, never  allow a parent to make you feel as if you are not the professional.

Moreover, If the parent continues to have petty complaints, its time to ask the following question: “Are you happy with my program.” If the parent says no and you’ve done all that you can to improve the issue (the parent is complaining about) then it may be time to recommend that the family choose another childcare program.

If you have a parent to report a legitimate complaint, such as an issue with the quality of care provided; take the time to really evaluate how you can improve that particular issue.

Also, be sure to thank the parent for bringing the issue to your attention. Parents appreciate it when an issue is settled in a timely manner.

Complaining parents, can really drain your energy and steal your focus from what is really important (caring for the children). Moreover, it is vital that you stay positive, deal with the issue and look at every complaint as an opportunity to improve your childcare business!

Tip: Create a feedback system, invite parents to give you positive feedback or concerns about your program via email or complete a comment card and ask the parent to allow you at least 24-hours for you to contact them.

Do you have complaining parents? If so, feel free to post your comment below.

To Your success,


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