Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

TOOLKITBOX_750Do You have proven marketing strategies that have helped you to build enrollment? If so, I would love to feature you in my marketing 101 kit. The kit is almost complete, I simply want to add a component that features proven marketing tips by Child Care providers.

For submitting your tips, I will give you a Free download to the kit that includes:

  • a Subscription to my 12 day enrollment building ecourse
  • A marketing presentation that includes marketing tips by my favorite marketing experts including Zig Ziglar
  • My (41- page) Marketing 101 ebook
  • Marketing strategies Guide by Child Care Business Owners

Simply submit your top 5 Marketing strategies, along with your Photo, your bio and a link to your Child Care Business Website!

Email your info to: by 1/27/14 *Only A limited number of providers will be chosen!

Don’t miss this opportunity!!


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