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Easter is only a week away and I wanted to share some Easter party planning tips with you!

  1. If you will have egg dying activities, invite the parents to boil eggs at home and send the eggs with their children on Thursday or Friday of this upcoming week. Having the parents to boil eggs  will save lots of time.
  2. Invite a parent to assist you with hiding eggs on the playground for your egg hunt. (Also, be sure to invite parents to send an Easter basket for their children.)
  3. Decorate your classroom tables with spring colors: Purple, pink or yellow table cloths, Hang purple & yellow streamer, then add some festive helium Easter balloons to your classrooms.
  4. Be sure to serve some Easter decorated cupcakes or cookies!
  5. For some cool craft ideas, be sure to check out Pinterest, click here
  6.  Don’t forget to share the Easter Story with your little ones! click here
Happy Easter!
What do you have planned for Easter? Please leave your comments below….

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