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 Does The ideal Employee Exist?

I believe that most Child Care Business Owners with employees wonder if the ideal employee exists. To be realistic, the answer is this: You must create your ideal employee!

It took me 11 years to realize that if I want the ideal employee, I must create the ideal job offer that offers growth. The perfect candidate has very little room to grow and employees love a company that offers growth.

My center is Accredited and there are very strict qualification guidelines for new employees and I find that many potential applicants may not meet those guidelines.

In fact, because of my challenges of finding the ideal employee for my center, I decided to change the way that I seek out potential applicants. Furthermore, I decided that I must create my very own Ideal employee.

Take a moment and write down what you believe would be the ideal employee for your Child Care center, then evaluate if you have the ideal employees for your Business. Feel free to share below:


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