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Before you have another Fundraiser, I want to challenge you to really think about the purpose of your next fundraiser. In fact, your purpose of your fundraiser will inspire parents to help you raise the funds that you need.

Two weeks prior to writing this blog post, I decided to have a fundraiser to help pay for infant-toddler & School-age  equipment for my new location. The parents are really excited to help raise funds for our expansion.

Moreover, many of the parents were reporting to me on a daily basis about their fundraising efforts and after talking with just three parents (several days) before writing this post; I knew that this fundraiser would be my biggest Fundraiser ever!

Furthermore, one of my parents told me that she had already started on a second fundraiser sheet, because she believes that the Fundraiser was for a good cause!

So, don’t just have another fundraiser; have a fundraiser with a purpose and a good cause in mind.

Ideas for having a Fundraiser with a Purpose:

1. Expansion

2. Making- over Your playground

3. Buying Computers for your Preschoolers

4. To Make- over Your Daycare

5. Help a family of a Sick Child

Happy Fundraising!


Try TJ’s Pizza Fundraising

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