Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

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Your Business will only rise to the Level of your Biggest Thoughts!

In fact, if you desire to expand, you will attract a Bigger Building. If you desire to remodel your current facility, you will attract the funds you need to remodel.

Whatever your desires may be for 2016 for your Business, be sure to Think Bigger! For example:


  • Have a Bigger graduation than you had last year
  • Plan Bigger events for your facility
  • Enlarge your sign
  • Create Bigger ads

I think you get the point…Think Bigger in 2016!!

I want to hear from you, be sure to share your thoughts and feedback with me about this blog series by posting on the Child Care Business Owner facebook page or tweeting me @ccarebusiness. Be sure to use hashtag #Finishstrong2015



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