Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

I was recently browsing through my Instagram news feed and I saw that a Fellow Child Care Business Owner Posted a photo of Salmon, broccolii, mashed potatoes and strawberries. Then I thought, oh my goodness Salmon for lunch, how nice!

Further more, I thought about how expensive and healthy salmon is and I was encouraged to serve Salmon to the children in my center.


After seeing that photo above,  I clicked on the name of the Child Care Business and I noticed that it was a Family home daycare.

In fact, I was so Inspired to see a Family Home Child Care Business providing children with such an excellent service. Most of all, that photo above inspired me to take a closer look a my very own Center.

Also, I have been reminded that we must focus on quality and not quanity.

Here is something also to remember: Just because you are small, does not mean that you must think small.

Further more, I’ve always believed that if you operate your Home Daycare like a Center, that parents would choose your child care business.

Without Further Due, I would like to introduce you to my featured Child Care Business Owner: MS. Angela J. Jones, M.A.Ed , Owner of Paideia Preparatory Academy, LLC Family Home Child Care Business.


Please take a moment to read Angela’s Bio and story below.
“I entered the field of early childhood as a licensee family child care educator in 2014! Before starting my family child care business, I worked for a Smithsonian Museum as the Education and Special Projects Manager.
For the past five years, my role as a family child care educator has taken me into professional and personal territories that I never thought were possible. From awards to academic endeavors, I have been blessed to work on a Doctorate of Education, receive a plethora of awards, be appointed to serve on the Early Childhood Advisory Council by the State of Tennessee Governor, co-publish articles and speak at conferences on local, state and national platforms. Recently spending time  at Harvard University, allowed me to have a great appreciation for how I see myself as an educator.
Having an award winning family child care program, has come with a lot of hard work, perseverance, intentionality, originality and teachable lessons. PPA is what it is today because as an educator I place heavy emphasis on quality and offering a program that encompasses my vision and goals instead of the ideas of others. Our curriculum is designed, implemented and assessed by me as the lead practitioner. It is important for me to offer my children a balanced approach to learning that is developmentally appropriate, engaging, playful and sustainable that speaks to their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and oral skills. Our culinary experience enhances our curriculum with the help of my mom who plays an intricate part in meal preparation and program support.
Excellence is a part of Paideia Preparatory Academy, but I am intentional about making sure that the children of PPA are given an experience of a lifetime for the most informative years that they will never get back. I take my role as an educator serious and value every moment that I have to make an impression on the children of PPA!
I am often asked “Is my program a center?” People are surprised when I reveal that I am a family child care program. I highly encourage family child care educators to invest in your program and cultivate your craft as an educator. You owe it to your program and the families that support your business. Work on going from a just a business to a becoming a brand!”

I hope that you have been inspired by this post and I hope that you have been inspired to take your Child Care Business to another level with excellence!

One of the things that I love about Angela’s Family Home Child Care Business is how she creates a fun and educational experience with every activity. See photos
Be sure to Follow Angelas Instagram page @ppacademy and visit her website at
With your Success in Mind!
Shiketa Morgan


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