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I was browsing Facebook about a week ago and I heard a lady say this: “Many child care businesses are closed and I don’t know if they will ever reopen.” I immediately thought, that is not true. In fact, I believe that as long as parents need to go to work, there will be a need for childcare. Furthermore, many families may be working from home now, but this still does not mean that it will always be that way.

On a personal not: In my 21 years of owning a Child Care Business, My Business has survived:

  • Seasons of low enrollment
  • Tax issues
  • False accusations on the business
  • Government Shut downs
  • And Financial hardships

This is my first time going through a pandemic and to be quite honest, as I reference back to the issues that my business has faced in the past; I can honestly say that I’ve seen worse.

One of my employees test positive for the COVID 19 virus back in March and has recovered.  I decided to close the business for two weeks after the employee tested positive and Closing for 2-weeks, cost the Business $8,000.00!!

However, when I decided to close, my goal was to put the health & wellness of the families over the need of the business.

So when we re-opened on Monday April 13, 2020, I re-opened with a mindset that this will be a Grand-Re Opening for my Center.

Before we closed I took a look at the budget and I made decisions on How we would be able to survive closing for two weeks and what would be the  financial plan when we re-opened.

In some states, daycares are forced to close to June and if you plan to re-open, this is the time to develop a financial plan for your business.

Furthermore, you may be dealing with decisions to close or to re-open before June and whatever your situation may be; I want you to know that it is vital that you develop a Bounce Back Mentality with a plan!

I am planning to do a podcast and/or a Live on the Child Care Business Owner Institute Page that will provide you with strategies and inspiration that you need to make it through this pandemic.

Please take a moment to tell me how your business has been impacted by this pandemic. Also, if you have bounced back, feel free to share and if you are having challenges, please share.

Your feedback will inspire my upcoming Live and/or Podcast.

Be Inspired!!

Shiketa Morgan






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