Inspirational and Empowering Child Care Business Owners To Build Successful Child Care Businesses

This month I celebrate 22 years in the business of Child Care! Time has gone by so fast and I am so excited that we made it to the end of 2020.

This has been a very challenging business year, however I can honestly say that I feel so blessed to still be in business.

Most of all, this year has taught me so much more about business and what it really means to bouce back and be innovative.

Despite of challenges that we have faced this year in business, it has motivated me to increase my business knowledge and keep inspiring my coaching clients and social media followers.

In my 22 years of being in business, I have learned so much, however, in honor celebrating 22 years in business, I am going to share with you 22 ways to build a successful business:

  1. Read more
  2. Be positive.
  3. Hire the right people.
  4. Be consistent
  5. Market your business
  6. Walk by Faith
  7. Keep growing
  8. Have self care days
  9. Take lots of vacations
  10. Speak positive words over your business daily
  11. Journal about your days
  12. Network with other successful business people
  13. Follow your heart
  14. Pray over your business daily
  15. Set your policies and stick to them
  16. What you learn, share with others
  17. Be willing to change adapt with new trends
  18. Have fun
  19. Keep family first
  20. Invest in your employees
  21. Get a Business Mentor
  22. Don’t Quit!

I hope that I have inspired you to stay the course, keep learning, keep growing and dont quit. I would love to hear from you, be sure to follow my new coaching pages on Facebook and on Instagram. This month the focus is to inspire you to end the year strong!

Much success to you and keep walking by Faith!

Shiketa Morgan

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