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I almost let fear stop me!

I waa browsing my Facebook page memories and came across the photo that you see in this post. Infact, As I look at the photo, I thought about the fear that I had in my heart before I signed the lease on that location back in 2014.

I was so worried about filling the center with 99 kids and I was worried about having a larger team.

Further more, After opening the center, I realized that I worried fir nothing. We had no trouble getting kids and I had an amazing team.

That expansion taught me that worry is only self doubt and the question I should have been asking was this:

What if I Succeed? Fear is only a feeling and if you listen to fear, you will miss a opportunity to grow!

Is Fear stopping you from going bigger? Are you ready to expand? if so, I want to coach you through your fears and inspire you to go to that next level.

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