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Are You Feeling Resistance On Your Journey As A Child Care Business Owner?

It’s time to breakthrough the challenges and the resistance that you face.

In fact, Growth is on the other side of resistance

Are you feeling resistance on your Journey as a Child Care Business Owner? If so, I want you to know this: resistance is a clear indicator that you must increase your Capacity (as a Business Owner), Think Bigger, Increase the Lid of your Business & Leadership and so much more!

I am no stranger to resistance. In fact, I have always viewed resistance as my indicator to go to another level. Moreover, Resistance is what motivated me to move my daycare out of my home into a larger location and it also caused me to further my education as a Business Owner.

Furthermore, resistance does not feel very good and if you allow it to get to you; you could fall into this trap—> you may begin to wonder if you are on the right path or not.

Take it from me, anything that is too easy, will not challenge you to Grow!

In other words, It’s time to Push past resistance and plan to be present at the upcoming Child Care Business Owner Teleseminar on January 3-4.Where you will discover how to Think Bigger, Get empowered to as a Leader and a Business Owner. Along with getting quality care tips and enrollment building strategies for success in 2014!

During our break out sessions on the Teleseminar, 4- lucky Childcare Business Owners  will have a chance at winning a Free coaching Session with me or my Guest Coach! That lucky winner could be you!!

I want to personally invite you to join me and my Guest Business Coach (Andrea Dickerson) via Teleseminar, so that you are empowered to break through the restraints of resistance and go to another level in the Business of Child Care in 2014!

“When you makeover the Business Owner, you makeover the Business”

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Are You Frustrated With Your Child Care Business?

The Business of Child Care Can be emotionally overwhelming at times and especially for women, that could easily cause us to make emotional decisions or easily hit burnout.

Have you grown frustrated with your Business? Has the troubles of this business caused you to lose your Vision or your focus that you once had when you started the Business?

If so, I want to share with you how I overcame many of my  challenges that have shown up on the Journey of me operating a Child Care Business  and how I currently work through the issues that may occur.

God has chosen you to care for his little ones and he has called me to inspire you to keep going!

If  you are at the point where you are thinking about quitting; you are frustrated, feeling stuck and not sure which way to go; In fact, you feel as if you are at a crossroads? You don’t want to miss my mid-week inspirational coaching call!

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Mid Week coaching call

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