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It’s Time to Update Your Parent Handbook

Creating a Parent Handbook is a great way to formally introduce  and inform parents of your policies & procedures. Your parent handbook will also serve as a reference tool to parents in the event they should have questions about your program. Once families have enrolled in your program, consider keeping a copy of your handbook in a place where it is readily available for parents to review.

Take the time to review the handbook with parents and answer any questions that the parents may have about your program policies or procedures upon enrollment.  Including a page at the end of your parent handbook that parents can initial is beneficial to have on file, in the event a parent claims that they were not made aware of a policy or change.

If there are any changes to your policies, be sure to post the changes and make the necessary changes in your parent handbook. When parents have questions about your policies or program procedures, refer them to your parent handbook.

Posting a copy of your parent handbook on your website or emailing parents a copy, will save you lots of paper and ink. Most of all, parents will appreciate the convenience.

What should be included in your parent handbook? Every childcare program is unique and the policies should be based on the philosophy and mission of the program. Here are some examples of what to include in your parent handbook:

  • Cover page that includes your program name, logo and contact information
  • Table of Contents
  • Philosophy/mission page
  • Scheduled Holidays
  • Things to bring to the program
  • Payment policies
  • Arrival/Departure procedures
  • Staff Qualifications
  • Ways that parents can get involved
  • Meals
  • Parties
  • Behavior Policy
  • Sick Policy
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Injury/Accident Policy
  • How you handle differences
  • How you communicate with parents
  • Authorized person to pick-up child
  • Medication
  • Field trip policy
  • Transportation Policy
  • Inclement weather procedures
  • Parent initial page
  • Payment Agreement

Parent Handbooks are a great marketing tool for childcare programs and every childcare program needs a Parent Handbook!

Get started on your Parent Handbook today!


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