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Building Enrollment With Video Marketing


(This blog post is a Freebie from my Marketing 101 toolkit)

According to Houston Chronicle, “Video marketing is but one option you have available as a tool to promote your business. Understanding the power of video marketing may help you to see how video marketing can be beneficial to your business and a good use of your marketing dollars.”

Moreover, Videos are easier to share over social media; it allows your website to rank higher on search engines, Video marketing helps to improve your brand, allows you to seem more engaging and is a great way to educate your parents about your program.

Today I want to share some video marketing tips with you:

  1. Consider making a video of the kids doing activities in your program (with the parents permission). Simply record the video on your cell phone and be sure that it is no longer than five minutes and upload to your social media pages once a week or even add to your website.
  2. If you are not camera shy; practice making 1-minute videos of yourself talking about your childcare business or giving parents a tour of your childcare space.
  3. You can also make cool videos of your program, by using photos with I love this website and I use it to make videos of my Child Care Center!
  4. You may also want to create a You Tube Channel to upload videos of your program. YouTube is one of the top 3 websites as of January 2013 and it is great way to gain more business exposure.

Are you ready to start making videos? If not, practice first. I actually love recording my voice and adding pictures to the Video presentation with the Window Movie Maker on my computer. I would love to see your videos, so be sure to share!

For more marketing tips, download my Marketing 101 toolkit today!


How to Have More Successful Licensing and Food Program Monitoring Visits

How was your last licensing or Food program monitoring visit?  Were you in compliance?

I must say that if your last visit was perfect, then you may already know the key to having successful licensing or food program monitoring visits.

If your visits were not perfect, don’t worry; today I am going to share some success strategies with you, that will empower you to be more prepared for UN-announced and announced monitoring visits and have more successful licensing visits!

1. Develop this mindset. Treat everyday as if you will have a monitoring visit. In fact, this mindset will eliminate the stress that you feel when you have an UN-announced monitoring visit.

2. Review Food Program paper work on a regular basis. Review your food program forms and attendance records on a daily basis; total forms every week instead of once a month. File food receipts daily or once a week. Be sure that menus are posted and save all food program records for at least  three years. Be sure to review any new policies and keep them posted as a reminder.** Be sure that parents are signing children in/out of the program.

Center Owners! Don’t forget to conduct an annual staff training of the food program regulations and update Income Eligibility forms once a year.

3. Conduct Your Very Own Licensing Inspections. Once a month, evaluate your program based on licensing regulations and if you notice violations, correct them as soon as possible. Also, be sure to train your staff on licensing regulations and test their knowledge in staff meetings.

* Be sure that every child’s enrollment form is thoroughly completed; immunizations are up to date along with physicals. *Don’t forget to check the staff records for required documents!!

4. Signs are helpful: Be sure to post licensing guidelines to serve as a friendly reminder and change the signs as needed.

5. Stay Focused. Develop a system and stick to it! In fact, I suggest that you create a checklist, to assure that your home daycare or child care center is in compliance with your local Licensing office and/or Food program. Again stay focused on your goal to having successful visits and I look forward to hearing about your next monitoring visit!

To your success!


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