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The Stuck Bird

“Its time to get unstuck, get productive

and build the business of your dreams.”

 I recently noticed a bird on the ground in front of my child care facility and he was flapping his wings but he wasn’t able to fly away.

Then I noticed that there was a ribbon attached to the bird’s leg, which was connected to a sign in my yard . So I grabbed a pair of scissors, I cut the ribbon and the bird begin to fly away.

I was instantly reminded that this is what happens to many business owners. In fact,  just as we are moving along on our Business Journey, something stops us and we find our selves stuck in a situation, until someone comes along and helps us to get unstuck.

Do you feel stuck on your business journey? Are problems in the business causing you to feel stuck? Do you Need to get Inspired or Motivated Again?

If so, I want to invite you to join me in my Get Inspired Summer Coaching Series!

In my Summer coaching series, you will gain access to two live coaching sessions with me along with a free subscription to my Get Inspired 30-Day eCoaching series! 

At the end of Summer Coaching series, you will receive a free copy of my “Get Inspired” ebook.

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Are You Frustrated With Your Child Care Business?

The Business of Child Care Can be emotionally overwhelming at times and especially for women, that could easily cause us to make emotional decisions or easily hit burnout.

Have you grown frustrated with your Business? Has the troubles of this business caused you to lose your Vision or your focus that you once had when you started the Business?

If so, I want to share with you how I overcame many of my  challenges that have shown up on the Journey of me operating a Child Care Business  and how I currently work through the issues that may occur.

God has chosen you to care for his little ones and he has called me to inspire you to keep going!

If  you are at the point where you are thinking about quitting; you are frustrated, feeling stuck and not sure which way to go; In fact, you feel as if you are at a crossroads? You don’t want to miss my mid-week inspirational coaching call!

Click the image below for more info.

Mid Week coaching call

See you on the call!


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