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Natural Spring Cleaning Dos and Don’ts For Your Child Care Business

Source:Divine Health by Dr. Don Colbert

One of my goals as a Child Care Business Owner is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for young children. This is one of the reasons why I follow weekly health tips by Dr. Don Colbert.

Also, spring is a great time to review your health & safety practices or better yet….incorporate some new spring cleaning strategies.

Today I am going to share with you five of the Dos and Don’t of Spring Cleaning tips that has been recommended by Dr. Colbert in his article “Spring Cleaning Dos and Don’ts You Might Not Know.”

Do Clean your air with House Plants. *** Be sure to check to see that plants are not poisonous.

Don’t- use synthetic lawn care chemicals. The toxins in synthetic lawn care chemicals can make their way into your home daycare or center through the windows and through the soles of shoes.

Don’t Use Air Fresheners. The cleanest and safest odor is no odor at all.

Do reduce allergens. Switch to hard surface floors like tile and hardwood. Remove curtains and use easy-to-dust blinds for window coverings.

Don’t use conventional pesticides and herbicides in your garden. They leave toxic residues on your food, and dangerous chemicals from fertilizer can get soaked up into the food through the roots. Use natural ways to protect your garden from bugs.

Read Dr. Colbert’s entire article for more tips. Click here  I would love to read your feedback about this post. What do you think about the spring cleaning dos and don’t in this post? Feel free to share your spring cleaning tips!

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Healthier Menus Starts with Serving More Raw Fruits and Vegetables


My childcare center is in the process of becoming a Missouri Eat Smart Child Care Center. Once we are recognized as an Eat smart center, we will receive an Eat Smart Child Care” Banner to place in front of our center.

I am looking forward to receiving the banner, because we have made major improvements to our menus including serving more raw fruits and vegetables at breakfast, lunch and snack. Furthermore, I want parents to know that we serve healthy meals to children at Learning Days.

Serving more raw fruits and vegetables assures that children are consuming fresh whole foods. Moreover, eating more fruits and vegetables means that children will get more phytonutrients that helps to fight disease in the body.

I have enjoyed this process so much, that I have been inspired to create (52) pre-planned healthy menus for childcare facilities. So, be on the look out for those menus!

Here is a sample menu that includes raw fruits and vegetables at each meal:

Breakfast: Pancakes, Blueberries, Milk

Lunch: Turkey slices, whole grain bread, 1% milk, orange slices and corn

Snack- Yogurt, strawberries

Check out this handout: Encourage kids to eat more Fruit!

Thanks for serving healthier meals to young children and feel free to share your thoughts about this blog post.

Shiketa Morgan

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