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Classroom Organization Tips

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This is a great time to get your classroom(s) in order or simply makeover the environment. In fact, I believe that children learn best in an organized environment. I relate child’s play to shopping; when I go shopping on the weekends, I love to shop in an organized store.

If the store is not organized, I start to feel overwhelmed and most of the time, I leave the store. This is how a child feels when he or she is playing in a disorganized environment.

Have you ever watched a child wander throughout the classroom? Normally wandering children are looking for something to do or their minds  are so over stimulated from too many choices, that they have a hard time making a choice.

This is why it is vital that your classroom space is organized in a manner that makes it easy for children to choose materials.

Moreover, I believe that the classroom is a great marketing tool. In fact, if the classroom space is organized and is educational, it will increase your chance of a parent choosing your childcare program.

Here are Eight Ways to Makeover and/or organize your classroom space :

1. Label Toy containers with words and pictures

2. Be sure that play areas are labeled with center signs (for a clearly defined space)

3. Use area rugs to define play areas

4. Require that children pick-up toys as they play. This prevents the classroom from looking like a tornado came through it.

5. At the end of the day, re-organize centers, so that when children return the next day, they will see what an organized environment looks like.

6. Be sure that everything has a place and remove clutter. (Too many toys, will overwhelm the children)

7. Have a system to rotate materials every other week; to prevent the children from getting bored. You really only need 6-8 basket of toys on one shelf.  If it looks cluttered to you, it will be overwhelming to a child.

8. Arrange books on the book shelf in a manner where you can see the front of the book and throw away damaged books. This really entices a child to choose a book from the shelf.

I challenge you to get started today, because children learn best in an organized environment! Feel free to share your thoughts and organization ideas. Check out this article: Get Organized! Preparing Your classroom for Learning.


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Kids Love Art!

One of the things that I have discovered that children really love and that is …Art! In fact, in my childcare center, the most popular center is the Art Center.

At the Art Center, children can be creative with the paint and all the other materials that are provided. Moreover, providing children with a variety of art materials, encourages children to be creative and it also allows them to express their feelings.

Furthermore, art is a great form of therapy for kids. In fact, I strongly believe that this is why behavior therapist use art to discover what is going on inside of a child’s mind.

Check out some of the open-ended Creations that I have discovered at my childcare center.


Drawn by a School-Age Child

In fact, art in my facility is strictly open- ended and we focus on the process not the end product. More over, art is an everyday experience in my childcare center and the art experiences includes free choice opportunities for children to do the following:

  • Paint
  • Cut paper
  • Color with crayons or colored pencils
  • Draw pictures
  • Glue/Paste
  • Exploring play doh or modeling clay
  • Experimenting with scraps of materials

I want to challenge you to visit the art center/area in your program. Observe the materials that that are provided to  encourage the children to be creative, because Kids love Art!

Need ideas for organizing an Art Center? Check out the photos below:




What has been your observation of children and Art in your program? What would a child find in your art center/areas? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Kids Love to be,

Where they can be Creative;

Art Encourages Creativity!

Shiketa Morgan

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