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How to Effectively Supervise Young Children In Your Child Care Program

” I strongly believe that, Quality Care is Safe Care”

After nine years of being a Child Care Center Director/Owner, I have come to the conclusion that Quality care begins with good supervision. Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion.

Two years ago I hired a teacher who was trained at the same college that I attended, we both had the same instructors and she had the knowledge to teach young children. However, there was one skill that she lacked, ” How to effectively supervise young children.”

It was obvious that she was unable to keep the children in her class safe, because every time that I stopped by the classroom, it was chaotic and she recorded at least three incident reports a day.

This is when I decided to offer her some assistance and she still was not able to effectively supervise the young children in her care. Within days, the decision was made to inform her that having her work in my center was not working out.

She was not the only teacher that I observed to have very poor classroom supervision skills. In fact, over the years, I have observed many early childhood teachers, that lacked child supervision skills.

When a staff member or caregiver is unable to effectively supervise children in their care, the following will take place:

  • Frequent accidents/incidents
  • Children left unattended
  • Parents complaining about their child’s safety
  • Children left in vans
  • Children being left behind on the playground or on a field trip
  • Chaotic classroom

Have you experienced any of the situations above? If so, you my want to Check out my eCourse: How to Effectively Supervise Young Children.

For immediate strategies on how to supervise young children in your program, check out my article: Effectively Supervising Young Children.

With Child Supervision in mind!


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