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My staff members are currently planning for our upcoming preschool year. Our new preschool year begins on Monday August 15, 2011.

 My goal for this preschool year was to plan more one-on-one activities, plan activities that meet the interest of the children and to incorporate more new ideas to the lessons.

I thought I would check in with one of my Lead Teachers as I finished up my monthly food program claim to see how she was doing with her  Lessons. I decided to check with this particular teacher, because she is fairly new to lesson planning and Lesson planning can be quite overwhelming for a new teacher.

Moreover, I decided to check with the teacher, because, I had recently given her a copy of the August/September mailbox magazine. To my surprise, she incorporated many of the ideas that were in the magazine into her lesson.

As I reviewed her lessons and gave her positive feedback, I realized that when you give your teachers, resources that will inspire them to succeed, they will exceed your expectations!

One of the activities that I noticed on the lesson plan was a preschool rock garden. I have a passion for natural living and I think that it is always a great idea to incorporate nature into lessons.

I thought a rock garden was a great idea that the kids will love. So I asked her to tell me about the Rock Garden.  She said, she found the idea in the mailbox book that I gave her.

Here are some examples of what a preschool rock garden will look like:

summer craft

I was so impressed with having a preschool rock garden in our 2-3 year old classroom. Moreover, I was excited that the  teacher utilized the resource that I provided for her to be successful at lesson planning. furthermore, this was a great example of how teachers will succeed when they are given tools that expand their ideas.

I wrote this blog post to inspire you to do all that you can to equip the teachers in your program. After all,  it will only improve your program and improve the quality of your preschool program.

How do you empower and inspire your preschool teachers to succeed in the classroom?

When your teachers succeed…you succeed!

With Your Child Care Business in Mind,


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